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ITP Corporation is based in Washington, USA as its operating center, and its business scope radiates across the United States and the entire North American regional market. With the mature application of global 4G technology and the advent of 5G technology, it has accelerated the global coverage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investment. , As of now, ITP Corporation has achieved full coverage of North American and European regional markets, as well as many major economies in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

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ITP Corporation’s business also includes innovative businesses such as cloud business, digital media, and its cryptocurrency derivative industry. In addition, ITP Corporation is also committed to creating digital payment services and digital financial services for investors and cryptocurrency merchants


Our Specialization

ITP Corporation aims to provide global cryptocurrency investors with the most scientific and reasonable intelligent financial management methods, as well as professional and safe digital asset trading and management services, etc., with the help of scientific intelligence, to enhance the closeness between cryptocurrency investors and the cryptocurrency market Continuity and Transaction Efficiency


Blockchain technology research and innovation

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We have an excellent technical team to ensure the safety of customers' assets


Cryptocurrency Trading Services and Asset Custody


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What Our Clients Say

Up to now, the number of global users of ITP Corporation has exceeded 1 million, and the average daily peak active users are as high as 300,000. It has become a well-known enterprise in the global cryptocurrency field, and it has promoted the rapid development of the global cryptocurrency field and the blockchain The Pioneer of Chain Technology Innovation Revolution

ITP Corporation has doubled my crypto investments, really appreciate them
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
Since I came into contact with ITP Corporation, my investment in cryptocurrencies has gradually increased
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
I have been exposed to many cryptocurrency platforms before, but ITP Corporation really stood out to me, they are doing a good job.
John Doe