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ITP Corporation was established in Washington, USA in 2013. The full name of the company is: Intelligent Technology Pioneer Corporation. It is committed to global blockchain technology research and development, innovation, trading services with cryptocurrencies, asset custody, and network security, operations, etc. Relying on its own mature business model and core technology, ITP Corporation has created achievements that few companies in the blockchain field have achieved. At the same time, it has also won a severals technological innovation awards selected by the “Blockchain Alliance” for many years.

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What We Offer

ITP Corporation takes Washington, USA as its operating center, and its business scope radiates to the whole United States and the entire North American regional market. With the mature application of global 4G technology and the advent of 5G technology, it has accelerated the promotion and coverage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investment wave on a global scale. As of now, ITP Corporation has achieved full coverage of the North American and European regional markets, as well as many major economies in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

ITP Corporation aims to provide global cryptocurrency investment enthusiasts with the most scientific and reasonable intelligent financial management methods, as well as professional and safe digital asset trading and management services. With the power of scientific intelligence, the close connection and trading efficiency between cryptocurrency investors and the cryptocurrency market will be improved.

ITP Corporation’s business also includes innovative businesses such as cloud services, digital media, and its derivative industries of cryptocurrency. In addition, ITP Corporation is also committed to creating digital payment services and digital financial services for investors and cryptocurrency merchants.

At the same time, ITP Corporation strives to become an enterprise scale with tens of millions of users in the global cryptocurrency investment market.Other than that, around ITP Corporation and market characteristics, strives to create an ITP that seamlessly connects investors, digital exchanges, and strategic partners Corporation’s unique industrial ecosystem.

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